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Heli-Kit controls
Using Heli-Kit controls
Transporting Heli-Kit controls

Our company

Heli-Kit was born in 2005 with the mission to provide affordable controls for helicopter flight simulators. Our first product had anti-torque pedals and collective command. For cyclic, the user could use any desktop joystick to complement the required controls.

As many users asked for twist throttle, we added feature as standard component in version 2.

With the passing of time we improved upon our design to include the three basic controls for helicopter flight. This goal was achieved and the new version was introduced into the market in 2009. It sold very well allowing Heli-Kit to improve upon the basic design keeping up with the fast moving computer technology.

2015! For combat gamers or pilots who wants more, we have developped a new cyclic grip that includes 4 buttons, 2 axis HAT, and 3 position toggle switch.

As a result we have many satisfied customers worldwide in US, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Panama, Venezuela, Colombia, Peru, Guatemala, Czech Republic, Italy, UK, Australia, Austria, New Zealand, South Africa, Sweden, Switzerland, Germany, France, Spain, Denmark, Korea, Japan, Brunei, Poland, China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Netherlands, Israel, Paraguay, Argentina, Chile, Trinidad and Tobago...and more added every day.

Our objective is to provide precision helicopter controls for the gamer, novice or professional pilot to maintain and increase their flight skills at the lowest cost possible. Still quality and features like light durable materials, reliable electronic components and fold-a-way ability when not in use are never compromised. We take pride in our product.

Using Heli-Kit controls


Technical Data

  • - Works in Windows & MAC systems
  • - Compatible with MS Flight Simulator, X-Plane,
      DCS Black Shark, Take on Helicopters & others
  • - Helicopter looks like controls
  • - Long shaft Cyclic command with square travel
  • - Collective with Twist Throttle
  • - USB 2.0, HID compatible. No drivers needed.
  • - One free USB port required
  • - Adjustable pedal board length
  • - Total Weight: 3.1 kg (6.8lbs)
  • - Controls injected in plastic Nylon 6/6 GF30
  • - 6 ft USB cable (1.8m)included
  • - No spring loaded controls
  • - Cyclic grip with buttons and HAT available!


SHowing Heli-Kit dimensions

Heli-Kit controls were designed to be deployed or removed in seconds using no tools.
Without requiring a dedicated space for training; right where it is needed. Just roll it on the floor, install the cyclic stick in its housing, connect the USB cable to your computer, and fly.

For only $400 US Dollars plus shipping you have Long shaft cyclic, collective with twist throttle and anti-torque pedals.

If you are a gamer, love Combat Simulator, or simply need your cyclic grip with buttons we have the right choice for you with 3 push buttons, 1 0N-OFF-ON toggle switch, and 2 axis HAT with push button for $480 US Dollars plus shipping.

Cyclic Grip with buttons
Cyclic Grip with buttons

When you have finished, remove the cable and the cyclic stick, fold and store under the bed or in the closet. No one will know you were training there.

How to fold your Heli-Kit
Folding your Heli-Kit

To be highly portable and light weight, we made all external parts injected in ABS plastic. For controls we used one of the best thermoplastics available today, Nylon 6/6 GF30 because its unique combination of physical properties such as toughness, abrasion resistance, chemical resistance and light weight, Nylon 66 is regularly machined into parts to replace bronze, brass, steel and aluminum.

Heli-Kit customers in the world

Our Customers worldwide


Q - What is Heli-Kit cost?
A - For standard cyclic grip, cost is $400 US Dollars. Cyclic grip with multiple buttons version, $480 US Dollars. Shipping not included

Q - Do you have a cyclic grip or collective with buttons?
A - We have an option with 3 red push buttons, 1 ON-OFF-ON switch, 2 axis HAT with central push button.

Q - What is shipping cost?
A - It depends on your country. Basically for US addresses is $55 US Dollars. Europe $80 US Dollars. Others, please check out yours in this table. Any doubt please contact us.

Q - What is the lead time from order to ship my unit?
A - We usually ship in 48 hours from payment confirmed. Carrier takes between 1 to 3 weeks to deliver depending on your country.

Q - Are there any reviews I can see or read?
A - Yes. Please check this out:

Q - Where is located your office?
A - We are in Panama, Central America.

Q - Where can I see product before buy?
A - We only sale over the Internet, so it is difficult to see before buy.

Q - How can I pay my for Heli-Kit?
A - Payment method is PayPal. We never ask or manage your financial data.

Q - What I have to do to use my controls?
A - You have to calibrate your Heli-Kit from within control panel. Then, assign axis as required in your simulator.

If your question is not listed, feel free to contact us.

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Price: $400 / $480 US Dollars plus shipping.

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